Auburndale: Pizza Connection

We hadn’t been to Auburndale for a while, so my wife and I went there recently for lunch at Pizza Connection.

Pizza Connection restaurant exterior in Auburndale, Florida

We liked Pizza Connection immediately. It felt like an old-school pizza place. Clean and simple interior. Cheerful service. You order at the counter and your food is brought out to you. The menu offers a short list of specialty pizzas and a long list of toppings to create your own. They also have pasta, sandwiches, and a kids menu. The music situation was a little strange. They played music at a soft volume, but then turned it up very loud occasionally. The excessive volume wasn’t constant, just a little random and distracting.

Pizza Connection restaurant interior in Auburndale, Florida

They had a lunch special going on the day we were there (a Saturday) – one pizza at half price with purchase of a pizza of the same size. We each ordered small (10″) pizzas. Pizzas also come in medium, large, and mini (8″) sizes. My wife had a fountain drink and I just had iced water.

Ten inch pizza with black olives and sausage at Pizza Connection restaurant in Auburndale, Florida

My wife ordered Italian sausage and black olives on her pizza. One thing we both appreciated is that the pizzas were cut into small squares instead of the standard triangles. We find these easier to handle. She especially liked the flavor of the Italian sausage, which was seasoned with fennel but was not too spicy. The olives, crust, and sauce were all delicious and in good proportion to each other.

Ten inch pizza with pepperoni, ground beef, and mushrooms at Pizza Connection restaurant in Auburndale, Florida

My pizza had ground beef, mushrooms, and pepperoni. It was absolutely delicious. I might have preferred a little more ground beef, but all the flavors blended well and it had just the right amount of cheese. The crust was well cooked, a bit on the crispy side on the bottom but not burned. I used to be bothered by restaurants using canned mushrooms on pizzas, until someone explained to me that this is better because they don’t dry out when cooked.

We were very happy. The pizzas were excellent, the service was friendly, and with tip our total was only $23. The 10″ sizes were perfect for lunch, we both had just the right amount to eat. It you are in Auburndale, we highly recommend Pizza Connection. They are on East Lake Avenue at Center Street, just a few blocks north of U.S. 92. Enjoy!

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