Lakeland: S & L Restaurant

S&L Restaurant in Lakeland had been on our list for a while, so my wife and I finally visited there recently. We love a good burger joint, and we weren’t disappointed.

S&L Restaurant exterior in Lakeland, Florida

S&L is open for breakfast and lunch, but their reputation is for hamburgers, so we went for lunch. I do like that S&L doesn’t try to do everything. The breakfast menu focuses on the basics along with a few unique items like fried bologna or “big breakfast” platters. The lunch menu is equally straightforward, with a variety of sandwiches and a few salad and side options.

The decor is an immediate attention-getter. Many license plates, which we were told are donations from customers, and many vintage signs. Coca Cola memorabilia is a theme.

S&L Restaurant interior, showing the breakfast menu and Coca Cola memorabilia, in Lakeland, Florida

I’ve read that service can take a while at S&L. We were there late on a weekday morning, and the place was steadily busy, but our server was very cheerful, and this is definitely not fast food, but we only waited about fifteen minutes for our food after we ordered.

Our report on the food is straightforward, because we weren’t going to make our first visit to S&L without trying the burgers. So we  both had a bacon cheeseburger with fries. We had Diet Coke and iced tea to drink.

Bacon cheeseburger with French fries at S&L Restaurant in Lakeland, Florida

The food lived up to its reputation. Our only minor criticisms would be that we would like to see a more substantial bun, and we would something other than American cheese. Otherwise the burgers were outstanding. We weren’t asked for a preference regarding rare, medium, etc. I would describe them as medium-well. But the burgers were moist and flavorful without being overly greasy. I know it’s a matter of personal preference, but I don’t like any pink in a hamburger, and these didn’t have any. The bacon was a tad overcooked but not burned and still added plenty of crispy flavor. The fries were probably frozen, but still tasted quite good and seemed of better quality than typical diner fries.

A great lunch all around. Here’s one more thing we liked about S&L: with tip, our total was only $20. They’re not gourmet burgers, but for hearty, affordable, diner-style burgers, S&L is a wise choice. S&L Restaurant is located on South Combee Road, just north of Bartow Road. Enjoy!

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