Lakeland: Country Chicken ‘n Fish

My wife and I were both feeling a bit under the weather recently and didn’t feel like going to a sit-down restaurant for lunch. Instead, we picked up some take-out at Country Chicken ‘n Fish in Lakeland.

Country Chicken 'n Fish restaurant exterior in Lakeland, Florida

Country Chicken ‘n Fish looks like one of those places that has been around forever. It’s not a sit-down restaurant, but there are a few picnic tables if you want to stay there to eat outside. The menu is largely expressed in the name – chicken in various forms, fish, and a few shrimp options, plus a range of sides like corn on the cob, okra, and baked beans. The folks working behind the window were very friendly. We didn’t have to wait long for our food, considering everything seemed to be cooked to order.

Open neon light sign at Country Chicken 'n Fish restaurant in Lakeland, Florida
The specials are so good they’re permanent

My wife ordered a two-piece fish dinner (a three-piece dinner and other combinations were also available), which came with two sides (she ordered mac and cheese and collards). The dinners also include a dinner roll. She was expecting catfish, and not being a fan of catfish, she was thrilled to find it tasted like either cod or something similar. Some of the best fried fish she has ever had, with delicious cornmeal breading that was crispy, not soggy. The collard greens were not overdone or mushy, and they were mildly spicy. The macaroni and cheese had a good flavor.

Two-piece fish dinner with collards, macaroni and cheese, and roll, at Country Chicken 'n Fish restaurant in Lakeland, Florida

I ordered the half-pound gizzard dinner (if you just want gizzards, you can buy them in one-pound or half-pound quantities), also with two sides (mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes and gravy for me). Even though I haven’t had gizzards at a lot of places in Polk County yet, these are the best. Tender, not greasy, not rubbery in texture, and with just the right amount of breading. Most restaurants don’t make mashed potatoes that taste like homemade, but these were excellent and tasted freshly made. The mac and cheese could have been a bit cheesier, but it still had more flavor than mac and cheese I’ve had at other restaurants, and the macaroni was well cooked. My dinner had enough food for me to enjoy leftovers the next day.

Gizzard dinner with macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and dinner roll, at Country Chicken 'n Fish restaurant in Lakeland, Florida

Outstanding! This was a real bargain, all this delicious, well-cooked food for only $17. We’re so happy we finally went to Country Chicken ‘n Fish, this is a real Polk County treasure. If you haven’t been yet, definitely check them out. Country Chicken ‘n Fish is located on Kathleen Road in Lakeland, just north of Memorial Boulevard. Enjoy!

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