Winter Haven: Sugar and Slice Bakery

My wife and I were in Winter Haven recently and, as always, dessert sounded like a good idea. So we headed into Sugar and Slice Bakery in downtown.

Sugar and Slice Bakery exterior in Winter Haven, Florida

The manager (he acted managerial, so we’re going with that) told us that most of their business comes from custom cake orders, but they also offer cupcakes and cookies for walk-in customers.

Sugar and Slice Bakery interior in Winter Haven, Florida

We ordered two cupcakes each (four total), intending to eat one there and one at home later. The cost was a very reasonable $10.70, but when I went to pay with cash the manager said we could just give him $10 and not worry about the rest. Cupcakes and a discount!

Four cupcakes and two chocolate chip cookies from Sugar and Slice Bakery in Winter Haven, Florida

On top of that, he threw in two chocolate chip cookies at no charge! Cupcakes, a cash discount, and free cookies! We were in heaven. Our cupcakes, based on the photo above, were: caramel (back left), chocolate chip cookie dough (back center), Nutella (back right), and chocolate and vanilla (center front). We ate the Nutella and cookie dough cupcakes on the spot and they were as good as they look. The Nutella cupcake had chocolate frosting with a dollop of Nutella on top. The cookie dough cupcake had cookie dough for the frosting and was my wife’s favorite of her two cupcakes. The cake part of the cupcakes was dense and moist.

Two chocolate chip cookies from Sugar and Slice Bakery in Winter Haven, Florida

We had the cookies later at home. They were soft and chewy, even after being in the fridge for several hours (we microwaved them a few seconds before eating). The cookies also had a delicious chocolate filling. “Divine” was my wife’s description.

Caramel cupcake and chocolate and vanilla cupcake at Sugar and Slice Bakery in Winter Haven, Florida

The chocolate and vanilla cupcake also had a chocolate filling and was my favorite of the two. The caramel cupcake had bits of caramel inside, with vanilla frosting and caramel drizzle on top.

Outstanding! We completely enjoyed Sugar and Slice, both the quality of their decadent treats and the welcoming service we received. Sugar and Slice Bakery is in downtown Winter Haven, on West Central Avenue between 2nd Street and 3rd Street. Enjoy!

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