Lakeland: Fancy Q Sushi and Thai

I don’t know what the Q means. I just want to mention that up front. Maybe it stands for “Quality?”

Either way, my wife and I had lunch at Fancy Q Sushi & Thai in north Lakeland recently. I think Fancy Q is a small chain or franchise operation. It’s not clear from the web site, but there are several “Fancy Q” Thai/Japanese restaurants in Florida that have a similar decor. As far as I know, this is the only one in Polk County.

Fancy Q Sushi & Thai restaurant exterior in Lakeland, Florida

The interior is lovely, with a sushi bar, ultra-modern light fixtures, bright photographs, and dark lighting. The mood lighting makes for a romantic experience, but does not do a lot for my photography, so I apologize for the dark photographs. We especially appreciated the service. Our server was soft-spoken and very pleasant. The music, for the most part, was mellow instrumental music that fit the setting nicely (until the end of our meal, when they veered into something that sounded like Kenny G), and didn’t disrupt our conversation.

Fancy Q Sushi & Thai restaurant interior in Lakeland, Florida

My wife ordered hot green tea to drink, and I ordered Thai iced tea. Complimentary miso soup was brought out with our beverages. The only weak point of the meal was the green tea, which was very weak and room temperature. My wife asked them to reheat it but it was still only lukewarm. I did like the Thai iced tea and we both loved the miso soup. It didn’t have a lot of green onions common in miso soup, and I actually prefer this. It was also not too salty, as miso soup sometimes is.

Miso soup and Thai iced tea at Fancy Q Sushi and Thai restaurant in Lakeland, Florida

We received a complimentary appetizer. This was our first time at the restaurant, so we don’t know if that’s standard. It was some kind of imitation (we think) crab meat, with a light batter and deep fried, topped with a spicy mayo. Very tasty.

Complimentary appetizer from Fancy Q Sushi and Thai restaurant in Lakeland, Florida

My wife ordered shrimp udon for lunch. She has had udon served as a soup before, so this was a new presentation. The udon noodles were not overcooked, probably boiled and then stir-fried with green onion. The shrimp tasted like they came off the hibachi and were perfectly grilled. Not too salty, and a good combination of flavors all around. Her lunch included a salad with a thick and delicious ginger dressing.

Shrimp udon at Fancy Q Sushi and Thai restaurant in Lakeland, Florida

I ordered a hibachi lunch combination of chicken and shrimp. The meal included steamed rice (fried rice was an option) and a salad (not pictured) with the same excellent ginger dressing. The noddles were quite good. The shrimp had good flavor. The chicken was the highlight. It was very tender and perfectly done. The veggies are hidden under the chicken in the photo, but they were plentiful, also, with a mix of broccoli, mushrooms, onions, and carrots. The steamed rice was nice and sticky.

Chicken and shrimp hibachi with steamed rice at Fancy Q Sushi and Thai restaurant in Lakeland, Florida

We were very happy. Some of the best restaurant service we’ve enjoyed, and delicious food. Portions were generous, I had leftovers for the next day. With tip out total came to about $39. Fancy Q Sushi and Thai is in the Village Plaza shopping center on U.S. 98 North, just north of Sleepy Hill Road. Enjoy!


  1. We have considered this… but we always end up at Thai Oishi. Have you tried Thai Legacy in Brandon? Its a bit of a drive but their Green Curry is fantastic.

    • We liked Fancy Q and Thai Oishi very much. We don’t get to Brandon much but will add Thai Legacy to our list. Thanks for the tip!

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