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Strawberry Hut restaurant exterior in Lakeland, FloridaMy wife and I had lunch at Strawberry Hut in Lakeland recently. I had been past their Plant City location many times but never had an opportunity to eat there. They primarily do sandwiches (mostly variations of Cuban sandwiches) and shakes – I appreciate a restaurant focusing on doing a few things well instead of trying to do everything.

Strawberry Hut restaurant interior in Lakeland, FloridaThe restaurant design is very basic, low frills, with a diner-style interior and lots of windows. The woman who took our order was very cheerful. She even gave us a 10% discount just because we were first-time customers.

Chocolate malted milkshake and Oreo milkshake at Strawberry Hut restaurant in Lakeland, FloridaStrawberry Hut offers milkshakes, and whenever shakes are available we take advantage of the fact. My wife ordered a chocolate malted shake and I ordered an Oreo shake. We got 16 ounce shakes but they also offer 20 ounces. Delicious! The Oreo shake had plenty of Oreo bits in it and both shakes were nice and thick.

Turkey Cuban sandwich at Strawberry Hut restaurant in Lakeland, FloridaMy wife ordered a 12″ turkey Cuban sandwich (sandwiches are also available in 4″ and 8″ sizes). One thing we really appreciated – our sandwiches came cut in half, with each half individually wrapped. We didn’t ask for that, but the sandwiches were so substantial, we were able to eat half for lunch then take the other half home as leftovers. A nice touch. So if the sandwiches look small in the photos, it’s because I only photographed the half we ate in the restaurant. The sandwich itself was excellent, made with quality bread and plenty of flavorful ingredients. One criticism with my wife’s sandwich – the toppings were not warm, so it seemed like the sandwich hadn’t been pressed long enough. Everything tasted good, however.

Pork Cuban sandwich at Strawberry Hut restaurant in Lakeland, FloridaI ordered a 12″ pork Cuban sandwich. The sandwich included mojo pork, marinated and slow-cooked, which I had never had before and it was outstanding. If I were going to quibble with Strawberry Hut, it would be that their Cuban sandwiches (including their original Cuban) include lettuce and tomatoes by default. Those aren’t ingredients in traditional Cuban sandwiches. But it’s easy enough to order sandwiches without those ingredients at Strawberry Hut (and, more importantly, I did get tomatoes on my sandwich, so I don’t have much room to complain). Either way, my sandwich was hearty and delicious.

We loved the flavor of our food at Strawberry Hut, the service was very welcoming, and the prices are hard to beat – our total, with tip, came to about $24 (remember, we did have a 10% discount). Highly recommended if you are looking for affordable, tasty sandwiches. Strawberry Hut’s original restaurant is in Plant City, but we went to their location on East Memorial Boulevard in Lakeland, just east of North Massachusetts Avenue. And they serve breakfast! Enjoy!

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