Lakeland: Sumo Sushi

Sumi Sushi restaurant exterior in Lakeland, FloridaMy wife and I both love sushi, and we’re thrilled with how many sushi options we have in Polk County, especially in Lakeland.  So no one had to twist our arms to have dinner at Sumo Sushi in Lakeland recently.  While the restaurant exterior is not quite a visual feast, located in what is essentially a strip mall, the interior was very nicely done.  There were also some lovely holiday decorations, as we were there in late December.

Sumo Sushi restaurant interior, Lakeland, FloridaWe tend to be early diners to avoid crowds, so the restaurant was quiet when we arrived.  With the exception of some God-awful pop music that was played at too loud a volume.  This was the only unpleasant part of the experience – restaurant owners, please turn the music down, conversation is good for us.  On the other hand, we were very happy with the service we received, our hostess was pleasant, brought everything out promptly, and gave us just the right amount of attention.

Tea pot, tea mugs, and Sapporo beer bottle at Sumo Sushi restaurant in Lakeland, FloridaWe started with beverages, a pot of hot green tea for us to share and a Sapporo beer for my wife.  I love green tea and it always seems to go well with sushi – when we ran low, our server refilled the tea pot at no extra charge.

Gyoza dumplings at Sumo Sushi restaurant in Lakeland, FloridaThen we shared an appetizer of gyoza, or Japanese dumplings filled with pork and cabbage.  These came with a soy-sauce-based dipping sauce.  Outstanding, the sauce had a little spice to it but not too much, and the dumplings were tender inside with a little crispiness on the outside.

Spicy conch sushi roll, spider sushi roll, and Philadelphia sushi roll, at Sumo Sushi restaurant in Lakeland, Florida
From back to front – spicy conch roll, spider roll, and Philadelphia roll.

Following the appetizer, we shared 3 sushi rolls – a spider roll, a Philadelphia roll, and a spicy conch roll.  The sushi was all presented beautifully and it tasted as good as it looked.  The spider roll was my personal favorite – a bit spicy but a great combination of flavors.  However, all three of the rolls were outstanding, each with a unique taste.  Three rolls and an appetizer were just the right amount of food for the two of us.

Of course, sushi tends to be a little on the pricey side.  With tip, our total came to about $49.  So for many of us this is a special occasion kind of place, but we enjoyed Sumo Sushi’s friendly service, delicious sushi, and (except for the music) cozy atmosphere.  Sumo Sushi is in the Lakeland South shopping center on South Florida Avenue in South Lakeland.  Enjoy!

If we have inspired you to visit Sumo Sushi, or if you have already been and want to share your experience, please do so via the comments section below.  And if you have Polk County restaurant tips, we would love to hear from you via our Contact Us page.  Thanks for stopping by and happy eating!


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