Lakeland: The Brunch Box

The Brunch Box restaurant exterior in Lakeland, FloridaMy wife and I had lunch at the Brunch Box in Lakeland recently (their Facebook page is almost entirely lacking photos, check out their Google entry if you would like more visuals).  It was our first trip.  Their sign was down, I’m guessing from Hurricane Irma.  The restaurant is easy to spot, though, due to a fairly distinctive building (a design that reminds me of some former restaurant chain, but my memory is failing me).  The interior is traditional mom-and-pop diner, with rows of old license plates along the tops of the walls.

The Brunch Box restaurant interior in Lakeland, FloridaThe woman who seated us and took our drink order (iced tea and coffee) was fairly abrupt.  We learned later, though, that the Brunch Box was short 2 employees that day, and it was a busy day, so that no doubt put a burden on the staff.  Our actual server was quite friendly, though.

Broccoli-cheddar soup at the Brunch Box restaurant in Lakeland, FloridaMy wife ordered shepherd’s pie (which, as she pointed out, was technically cottage pie, but it is commonly referred to as shepherd’s pie in the U.S.) with a side of broccoli-cheddar soup.  I love meatloaf and ordered the meatloaf sandwich with a side of potato salad.

My wife’s soup came out first and it was delicious, hearty and not watered down.  I sampled it, and I liked it even though I don’t care for broccoli.  When the food was Shepherd's pie with dinner roll at the Brunch Box restaurant in Lakeland, Floridabrought out, the mashed potatoes on the shepherd’s pie were not hot, though the rest of it was hot.  My wife was very understanding about this, as she reminded me potatoes take longer to heat, and our server was very gracious about heating the plate promptly.  And the shepherd’s pie tasted quite good.  My sandwich was filling, with pickles, tomato, and mayonnaise, just as I ordered it.  Everything tasted fresh rather than frozen.  The potato salad was nice and chunky without being doused in mayo.

Meatloaf sandwich with potato salad at the Brunch Box restaurant in Lakeland, FloridaWith tip, our total came to just over $22, quite a good price for the tasty food we enjoyed.  We plan to visit the Brunch Box again – they have a weekly Fish Fry Friday that we would love to sample.  The Brunch Box is currently open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch.  They are on East Memorial Drive in Lakeland, just a few blocks east of North Massachusetts Avenue.  Check them out!

If we have inspired you to visit The Brunch Box, or if you have already been and want to share your experience, please do so via the comments section below.  And if you have Polk County restaurant tips, we would love to hear from you via our Contact Us page.  Thanks for stopping by and happy eating!

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