Lakeland: Gosh! Asian Bistro & Sushi

Gosh! Asian Bistro restaurant exterior in Lakeland, FloridaMy wife and I were in the mood for sushi recently, so we headed out to Gosh! Asian Bistro & Sushi in Lakeland (I’m not sure what the exclamation point is for, but it matched our enthusiasm for the experience).  Tucked away in the Lake Miriam Square shopping plaza on busy South Florida Avenue, it’s not someplace you would easily notice just driving by.

I’m having some camera issues and, for the second post in a row, don’t have an interior photo of the restaurant.  But it was spotless and cozy – no booths but numerous tables in addition to a sushi bar.  There was music playing but the volume was low so it wasn’t distracting.  We were the first customers of the day and enjoyed a quiet restaurant during our entire meal.  Our server was very friendly and checked on us regularly without being intrusive.

Tea pot and mug with green tea at Gosh! Asian Bistro and Sushi in Lakeland, Florida

Shrimp dim sum appetizer at Gosh! Asian Bistro and Sushi in Lakeland, Florida

The Gosh! menu includes soups and salads, a variety of entrees (including vegetarian options), bento boxes for lunch on weekdays, and sushi.  We started off with a shrimp dim sum appetizer, which was shrimp-filled dumplings with soy sauce.  That was a wise choice – the dumplings were tender and flavorful without being too spicy.  I ordered hot green tea to drink, and my wife had a boba Thai iced tea.  We had never heard of boba tea (sometimes called bubble tea, though I understand they are actually different), the bobas are small tapioca-based spheres that have a similar consistency to gummi candy, but softer.  Apparently there are some potential health concerns about drinking boba tea regularly (and we would describe it as a dessert beverage), but it tasted delicious.  The green tea was also very good, not bitter like some green teas.

Florida sushi roll at Gosh! Asian Bistro and Sushi in Lakeland, FloridaFor our main course, we shared 3 sushi rolls – a Florida roll (tuna, salmon, avocado, cream cheese and smelt roe), spider roll (fried soft shell crab, smelt roe, cucumber, avocado, scallions, imitation crabstick), and a crispy-crunchy roll (salmon, smelt roe, imitation crabstick, asparagus, scallions, cream cheese, all fried in panko breadcrumbs with tonkatsu sauce).

Spider sushi roll at Gosh! Asian Bistro and Sushi in Lakeland, FloridaAll of the sushi was masterfully presented.  It tasted as good as it looked.  Plenty of pickled ginger came with the sushi.  The three sushi rolls, with the appetizer, were plenty of food for the 2 of us.  If you are hesitant about eating raw fish, in addition to the many non-sushi menu items, some of the sushi rolls are identified on the menu as being cooked.  But this was all quite good, and we look forward to returning to Gosh! to sample more of their menu.

Crispy crunchy sushi roll at Gosh! Asian Bistro and Sushi in Lakeland, Florida

If we were going to nitpick, there were some idle employees near the back of the restaurant that were, for me, a little disruptive.  But it’s likely something most customers would not notice.  We expect sushi to be a little pricier than the typical restaurant, and with tip our total came to about $49.  Overall, it was quite a good experience, delicious sushi, excellent appetizer, our first time experiencing boba tea, and outstanding service.  Gosh! Asian Bistro and Sushi is located in Lake Miriam Square on South Florida Avenue, just north of Pipkin Road/Lake Miriam Drive.

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