Lakeland: Mister Fish

Mister Fish restaurant sign in Lakeland, FloridaIf you live in Lakeland, you are probably already familiar with Mister Fish.  The restaurant was opened in 1968 and is still operated by the same family.  I first spied its iconic sign near downtown several years ago, and it’s one of those places that you trust will be worth the visit.  In the interest of full disclosure, I had been to Mr. Fish a couple of years ago, but no Polk County restaurant blog would be complete without it, so my wife and I went for lunch recently.

Lake Morton, just a few steps away from Mister Fish

Mister Fish is not a sit down restaurant.  There are a couple of benches there, but most likely you will be taking your food someplace else to enjoy it.  We brought ours home, but weather permitting the nearby Lake Morton is a scenic spot for a picnic.

The service was very friendly; the staff joked good-naturedly about the heat.  For such a small restaurant, they offer a fairly diverse menu – in addition to fish, you can choose from chicken, burgers, hot dogs, and other sandwiches, plus a variety of side dishes.  This time, we both ordered the same thing – a Large Famous Mister Fish Basket, which comes Mister Fish restaurant exterior, Lakeland, Floridawith a fish sandwich, fries and slaw.  We got ketchup, mustard and tomatoes on our sandwiches (onions were offered but we declined).  Our food was ready quickly and we were on our way.

We’re not fans of slaw, but if you are, the portion included was good-sized.  I could say that the amount of french fries included was a little small, but they tasted good, and we weren’t really there for the fries anyway.  We went for the fish sandwich and we were not disappointed.  The sandwich was truly delicious, the breading had a good flavor without being too spicy.  There was a generous amount of fish on the sandwich.

Fish sandwich with fries and slawWith tip our total came to almost $25.  Mister Fish is an unofficial Lakeland landmark for good reason.  And they are in a great location – the Lakeland public library branch is just across the street and lovely Lake Morton is very close.  If you live in Polk County and haven’t been to Mister Fish yet, we hope you’ll give them a try!

If we have inspired you to visit Mister Fish, or if you have already been and want to share your experience, please do so via the comments section below.  And if you have Polk County restaurant tips, we would love to hear from you via our Contact Us page.  Thanks for stopping by and happy eating!


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