Lakeland: Jet’s Pizza via Grubhub

My wife was out of town recently so I did what any typical man would do while his wife is away – I ate pizza and watched movies by Scorsese and Tarantino.

Jet's Pizza boxThe pizza came from Jet’s Pizza in Lakeland via the online food delivery service Grubhub.  Jet’s Pizza is a chain that currently lists locations in 20 states (the first store was opened in Michigan in 1978).  Their menu also includes salads as well as Boats and Jetzees – sub sandwiches with baked pizza dough instead of bread.

If you’re not familiar with Grubhub, they consolidate delivery services for multiple restaurants.  Restaurants don’t have to maintain their own delivery personnel/vehicles and consumers get more home delivery options.  Takeout Hero is a similar service also available in Polk County.  At the present time, Jet’s Pizza is the only restaurant available in my neighborhood from Grubhub.  Options vary considerably by area, so look them up if you want to see what’s available for your address.

One downside to these services is that during busy periods it can take some time to get your food.  I ordered my pizza earlier than I would normally eat to avoid that.  At the time I placed my order, the estimated delivery time was approximately 1 hour.  And even though Jet’s Pizza is not that far from my house, I actually had my pizza in less than half an hour.  The delivery person was friendly and courteous.  The Grubhub delivery fee was $3.  So I would use Grubhub again based on this experience, but I do hope they expand their local restaurant offerings.

Hand tossed pizza with meatballs, mushrooms, and tomatoesAs for the pizza, I ordered a medium hand-tossed pizza with meatballs, mushrooms, and tomatoes.  Apparently Jet’s is best-known for their deep dish pizza, something I didn’t know until after the fact.  Either way, I was very happy with the result.  Generous toppings and the crust was well done, not too doughy and not overcooked.  Flavorful sauce.  I was eating alone and had leftovers, so the medium pizza should be plenty for 2 people.  With tip and the Grubhub delivery fee my total was just over $23.  I would order from Jet’s again!  Jet’s is located on South Florida Avenue just north of the Polk Parkway in Lakeland.

If we’ve inspired you to visit Jet’s Pizza, or if you’ve already been and want to share your experience, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  And if you have Polk County restaurant tips, please let us know via the Contact Us page.  Thanks for visiting and happy eating!

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