Lakeland: Uncle Nick’s NY Style Bagels, Subs and Deli

Uncle Nick's NY Style Bagels, Subs and Deli exterior, Lakeland, FloridaUncle Nick’s NY Style Bagels, Subs and Deli is a bit of a long-winded name, but as as I see “bagels” I’m interested.  My wife had been to Uncle Nick’s and suggested we visit for lunch recently.  We ended up not even having bagels, but it didn’t matter because they have a surprisingly diverse menu (hence the “Subs and Deli” part).

Uncle Nicks’ currently has 3 locations, 2 in Lakeland and 1 in Bradenton.  Their web site shows a 4th location planned for downtown Lakeland.  We went to their location on East Edgewood Drive in Lakeland, in a small strip mall just west of Lakeland Highlands Road.  They have indoor seating, but it filled up quickly when we were there.  A lot of folks seemed to be picking up food to go.

Uncle Nick's Bagels interior, Lakeland, FloridaThe menu, as mentioned, is quite diverse.  They have a complete breakfast menu that is available all day.  Hot and cold sub sandwiches, burgers, salads, even a few entrees like eggplant parmigiana (I would love to sample the PB&J bagel on the kids’ menu).  My wife and I both ordered the Flim Flam – a ten-inch sub  with Italian breaded chicken breast, Swiss cheese, tomato, bacon, lettuce, and Russian dressing (I don’t care for lettuce on sandwiches and ordered mine without).  The sandwiches come with a pickle spear and a choice of macaroni salad or cole slaw.  I chose macaroni salad, my wife upgraded to french fries for a small additional fee.  Fountain beverage for my wife to drink, and I chose a Yoohoo from their assortment of refrigerated beverages.Flim Flam sandwich with french fries

Yoohoo chocolate drinkThe service was excellent, we ordered at the counter and they brought our food out to us when it was ready.  And this is one time when the food lives up to the photographs on the web site. Everything tasted as good as it looks.  My wife felt this is some of the best sandwich bread she has ever had.  This would easily go on my list of best sub sandwiches.  The chicken and bacon were cooked perfectly.  The fries tasted fresh, not frozen.  At first I felt my macaroni salad portion was a little small, but it ended up being the perfect amount with these generous sandwiches.  And I always forget how tasty Russian dressing is until a restaurant like Uncle Nick’s reminds me.  We ended up taking half of each of our sandwiches home to enjoy later.  With tip our total came to just about $25.

Flim Flam sandwich with pickle spear and macaroni saladOne sign of a good restaurant is whether I want to return, and I’m already looking forward to returning to Uncle Nick’s.  A casual atmosphere, friendly service and outstanding food, a great addition to the Lakeland restaurant scene.

If we’ve inspired you to visit Uncle Nick’s, or if you have already been and want to share your experience, please do so in the Comments section below.  And if you have any Polk County restaurant tips, we would love to hear them through the Contact Us page.  Thanks for visiting and happy eating!

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