Winter Haven: Slyce Pizza Kitchen

Slyce Pizza Kitchen exterior, Winter Haven, FloridaMy wife and I have enjoyed several meals at Slyce Pizza Kitchen in Winter Haven.  We keep going back because we have always found the food and service reliable.  A recent visit for lunch was no exception.

This location used to be a Fred’s Southern Kitchen restaurant that closed a few years ago.  Then it was a Johnson Barbecue for a short time.  So the location might have seemed a little jinxed.  But Slyce opened (I believe) in 2014, and seems to be doing well here.

Slyce Pizza Kitchen interior, Winter Haven, FloridaThe decor is kind of upscale rustic.  We were the first customers of the day (our server told us this!) so enjoyed a quiet restaurant during our meal.  Our server was very pleasant and gave us plenty of attention the entire time we were there.

In addition to pizza, Slyce offers other entrees like calzones, strombolis, and pasta.  For an appetizer we ordered garlic Parmesan fries with balsamic ketchup (there are currently 6 other varieties of seasoned fries on the menu, each with its own dipping sauce).  One serving was a generous portion, plenty for 2 people to share.  My apologies for forgetting to photograph the fries – they were delicious and an excellent beginning to our meal.

California club pizzaI ordered a 12-inch California Club pizza – with bacon, chicken, ham, tomato, avocado, arugula, mozzarella, and lemon garlic vinaigrette (I’m not a fan of avocado and ordered mine without).  My wife ordered a 12-inch sausage and pepperoni pizza, that is also topped with arugula and chipotle honey mustard.  Iced tea and Diet Coke to drink.  The photos are a little deceptive – both pizzas came with arugula, something I don’t care for, so some of mine got transferred to my wife’s pizza.

We were slightly disappointed with presentation, the only downside to the entire experience.  The crust on my pizza was a little overdone (black in one area), and the vinaigrette pooled on the pizza a bit (this might have been caused by my special order without avocado).Sausage and pepperoni pizza

Despite that slight misstep, the food still tasted excellent.  I love the way Slyce combines interesting flavors.  Even a traditional combination like sausage and pepperoni becomes a new experience with the addition of the chipotle honey mustard (drizzled on top, so the pizza wasn’t too spicy).  These are “single serving” pizzas but we had plenty left over for lunch the next day.  And our server offered us beverage refills to go before we left.  With tip, our total came to a little over $37.

As I said, we’ve been to Slyce several times and have never been disappointed.  Even if you live elsewhere in Polk County, it’s worth the trip to Winter Haven, and Slyce is easily located on 3rd St SW (U.S. 17).

If we’ve inspired you to visit Slyce Pizza Kitchen, or if you’ve already been and want to share your experience, we would for you to comment below.  And if you have any Polk County restaurant tips, please let us know via the Contact Us page.  Thanks and happy eating!


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