Auburndale: Auburndale Main Street Diner

Auburndale Main Street Diner exterior, Auburndale, Florida
Arrive at the right time and you, too, might get to park this close.

Having lived in Polk County more than 2 years, I felt it was past time to dine at a restaurant in Auburndale.  So my wife and I recently had a late breakfast at the Auburndale Main Street Diner.  We rarely eat breakfast out, but every time we do we’re reminded how much fun it is.

The diner is very low key, as a diner should be, with basic, no frills decor.  They normally accept credit cards but there were technical issues that day so we paid cash.  The owners and staff were extremely apologetic, which we appreciated.  We found Auburndale Main Street Diner interior, Auburndale, Floridathe parking lot a bit cramped to navigate but I believe there is street parking available nearby if needed.

Our server was friendly and prompt, not at all the stereotypical grumpy diner staff.  My wife ordered corned beef hash with hash browns and 2 eggs (fried).  Her breakfast included a Corned beef hash, fried eggs, hash brownschoice of toast or biscuit, and she chose the biscuit.  I ordered a bacon and egg sandwich on toast (with mayonnaise, optional) with a side of pancakes (I chose the “short stack,” 2 monster-sized pancakes).  My wife had coffee to drink and I had iced tea.

Delicious!  We were very happy.  The bread for Bacon and egg sandwichmy sandwich was toasted without being burned, the bacon was crisp but not overcooked.  The portions were generous.  We both enjoyed our breakfasts and thought the diner provided a great value.    With tip our total was almost $25.

We are already looking forward to going back to the Auburndale Main Street Diner.  Highly recommended.  They are located on South Main Street in downtown Auburndale, so you Pancakescan enjoy a stroll around the small but lovely downtown after your meal.

If we’ve inspired you to visit the Auburndale Main Street Diner, or you have already been and want to share your experience, please use the comment section below.  And if you have a Polk County restaurant tip to share, we would love to hear from you via the Contact Us page.  Thanks for visiting and happy eating!

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