Winter Haven: Dino’s Drive In

Dino's Drive In exterior, Winter Haven, FloridaI’ve had my eye on Dino’s Drive In, on Havendale Boulevard in Winter Haven, for a while now.  Finally, my wife and I went there for lunch a few weeks ago.  Our only disappointment is that we waited so long to go.

Dino’s is a drive-in in the sense that most people will eat out of their cars (servers will take your order from your car and bring the food out to you) or take the food with them.  There are a few picnic tables and we made use of one of those since it was a pleasant day in central Florida.  The menu is posted on signs, as you can see in the photos.DIno's Drive In exterior, Winter Haven, Florida

Our waitress was welcoming, practically jubilant, when she greeted us and took our drink orders.  We could see other servers as they worked and everyone seemed cheerful.  We both ordered 16-ounce milk shakes, vanilla for me and chocolate for my wife.

Dino’s has a fairly diverse menu for a drive-in, with burgers, hot dogs, chicken, subs, seafood, and salads.  They even offer gyros with lamb or chicken.  My wife ordered a barbecue beef sandwich with onion rings and cole slaw.  (She was only going to get the onion rings, but our waitress was kind enough to point out the price was actually lower for the combo with cole slaw.)  I ordered a bacon-cheeseburger with hush puppies.Barbecue beef sandwich with onion rings and cole slaw at Dino's Drive In

Really delicious food.  Very simple presentation in styrofoam “take-out” containers.  Generous amount of sides without being overwhelming.  I was happy to get 8 hush puppies, as most restaurants seem pretty stingy with hush puppies, and these were quite good.  The barbecue and burger were cooked thoroughly without being overdone.  My bacon was crispy and not burned.

Their Google entry describes Dino’s as a “no frills spot,” and this is reflected in low prices.  Even with our milkshakes, our total bill only came to about $23 (including tip).  Our waitress was a real pleasure.  She apologized several times at the end when there was a problem with their credit card reader; we could have waited but ended up paying cash.Bacon cheeseburger with hush puppies at DIno's Drive In

For tasty, affordable food and friendly service, I think it’s hard to go wrong with Dino’s.  They don’t seem to have their own web site, but you can find them on Facebook.

If we’ve inspired you to visit Dino’s Drive In, or if you’ve already been and want to share your experience, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  And if you have Polk County restaurant tips, please let us know via the Contact Us page.  Thanks for visiting and happy eating!

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