Lakeland: Reececliff Family Diner

Reececliff Family Diner exterior, Lakeland, FloridaIf I were going to be a regular customer at any Polk County restaurant, it might be Reececliff Family Diner in Lakeland.  I have been there many times since moving to Polk County and the food has never disappointed me.  Reececliff has been operating on South Florida Avenue in Lakeland, not far from downtown, since 1934 and has been under its current ownership since 2002.  A second location, under different ownership but named Reececliff Diner & Grill, opened in south Lakeland in 2013.  I’ve only been to the main location so far.  It has some of the trademarks of a classic diner, with booths, tables, a counter dining area with barstools, and a few vintage photographs on the walls.  But the decor still feels contemporary.Reececliff Family Diner interior, Lakeland, Florida

My wife and I went to Reececliff for an early dinner recently.  The service was a little more abrupt than we’re used to, but they seemed understaffed so we didn’t blame our server.  My wife ordered the patty melt, ground chuck with Swiss cheese and onions on marbled rye bread, with fries.  I went for the fried cod sandwich with fries.  Iced tea and Diet Coke to drink.  We didn’t have to wait long for our food despite the restaurant being busy.Fried cod sandwich with french fries

As always, Reececliff served us hearty diner food at a reasonable price.  Everything was well done.  The cod was cooked thoroughly without being dried out.  With tip our total came to about $26.  And we were able to linger and chat after we finished eating, never feeling rushed to leave.

Reececliff is something of a Lakeland institution, for good reason.  If you’ve never been, we highly recommend it.  In addition to lunch and dinner, they serve an amazing breakfast.IMG0783per

If we’ve inspired you to visit Reececliff or you’ve already been there and want to share your experience, please comment below.  Or if you have Polk County restaurant tips, we would to hear them via the Contact Us page.  Thanks for visiting and happy eating!

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